Reptilians From Andromeda

by Reptilians from Andromeda

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Reptilians from Andromeda self-titled K7 Cassette Ep released by Dead Plant Records (US)

Reptilians from Andromeda "Jungle Highness" Ep by Subruckus Collective (US) on CD

Reptilians from Andromeda self-titled Ep by Spirit Goth records (US) on CD/itunes/spotify

Reptilians from Andromeda "Loves gonna destroy us" Ep by Spirit Goth records (US) on

Reptilians from Andromeda "Lament for a Party Girl" Cd from 1000 Islands records (US)

Reptilians from Andromeda "Sonic Rabbit Hole" Cd from Small Bear Records (UK)

Reptilians from Andromeda "WHATEVER" K7 Cassette album from Illuminated Paths Records (US)

Reptilians from Andromeda "Sweet's gone" song on VA - Colors Compilations - Grey "Post Punk" from The Blog That Celebrates Itself (BR)

Reptilians from Andromeda "Doomsday" 7" from Prof Sny Records (CZ)


released January 22, 2016

"Istanbul-based garage band Reptilians from Andromeda deserve to be placed on a larger scale, and without a doubt, this video is for the freaks like us."

- Left Bank Magazine

“Indie-rock akin to the likes of The Raveonettes (but with more animal noises!)”

— Bass And Space

“Wicky Wacky Witches finds the listener all kinds of contorted knots in a cellar.”

— Emerging Indie Bands

"Musically abducted by "Reptilians from Andromeda: an earthly chat on collective thinking, punk dictionaries and sonic garage beams"

— Give it a spin

“This is an action packed EP with each track providing a barrage of intense rocking energy. On top of this the band have thrown caution to the wind with all manner of experimentation going on, all pulled off with colourful flair! Want to hear some eerie and energetic post punk rock?”

— Tomatrax

“it darkly minded Strawberry Switchblade mirthfully cutting shapes to fraying and frying early career Pixies motifs...”

— Mark Losing Today

“The opening track “Psychic Girl” is no less than one ab fab you need to listen to more than once as it is so catchy that you will surely listen to it on repeat. I can somehow imagine Debbie Harry singing this one.”

— Altvanger

“Psychic girl involves washed out vocals and thrashy drums supported by fuzzed out guitars. Punk is definitely alive!”

— 24 Our Music

“Small Bear Records new ‘no wave’, ‘this wave’, ‘any wave but that wave’, Istanbul signing Reptilians From Andromeda.”

- Monolith Cocktail

"In a nutshell, you can describe their music as an abrasive Post-punk/Darkwave with emphasis on the “punk” and the “dark” part of it.The opening track “Pyschic Girl” would fit best the “dark” tag, where they show some
influence of bands like Siouxsie and the Banshees, X-mal Deutschland and others. “We Are Who We Are” goes in a totally other way. The somehow melodic and sweet voice give room to a vocalist that’s very pissed off and
want to make sure you know this."

- Oblique Musique

"As No wave Reptilians From Andromeda describe their sound, a genre that only a few years had really inventory. The band from Istanbul well crashes in Get The Power with their distorted guitars! Interference appear
largely to crush great the song. The sound of the Turkish Underground."

- Negative White

"A little bit of Ramones, some Sonic Youth, a flash of Teenage Jesus And The Jerks and a touch of Slowdive, that might get you an idea of what Turkish garage rock act Reptilians From Andromeda have released upon the world..."

- Merchants of Air

"Woman has the reptilian voice that gives her true identity away. She uses this voice to hypnotize us...It is especially clear if you look at the guitarist and bassist their constant moves; clearly a sign of them having
trouble with their human form...The only thing that I discovered on the repeated looks of this video clip is the drummer; he doesn’t look like a struggling reptilian in a human outfit, in fact he probably is an actual
human being...He looks so innocent, smiles with a happy stoner face..."

- Yeah i know it sucks

"Here’s a new video from these post punking psych dudes entitled ‘get the power’. A bit nifty I’m sure you’ll agree, all fracturing dead eyed fuzzing garage glam psychosis much possessed of a head frying suffocating gouging
that unless your none to careful seems intent on dragging you deep into its sick blistering pathological skin peeling edginess."

- The Sunday Experience

"'Psychic Girl' opens with a fine guitar theme, and is the most melodic track on the EP. We are introduced to Aybikes cool, laid back vocals and all instruments seems to have been a trip through one or other form of distortion effect - drums included. 'Strange Place / Not stranger in a strange place' recited in the refrain. The mood of the EP is set from the start..."


"Reptilians From Andromeda were formed in 2013 but harken back to punk roots for over 20 years. They have been compared to The Ravonettes and the female vocals dripping with echo certainly give a nod to the band but they have a more urgent, garage style sound."

- Punkonline



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Reptilians from Andromeda Istanbul, Turkey

Reptilians From Andromeda, a Nowave/Garage band who is based in Istanbul, Turkey.

Vocals: Aybike Celik Ozbey
Guitars: Tolga Ozbey
Bass: Merve Ertugrul
Drums: Johnny the Tramp

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